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Amateur writer and honest inquirer. I love to write and learn by doing so. That's why I'm here.

God-Talk and the Incarnation

Back in March of this semester, I had a fascinating conversation with a lady on my plane. As a theology student from a Southern Baptist seminary, as well as a traveler on a return trip back from Israel, I was … Continue reading

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Aesthetics and Christian Worship

A paper written in my worship perspectives class. Aesthetics and Christian Worship

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Sex and Gender Issues

A paper written for my introduction to Ethics class. SEX AND GENDER ISSUES

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Top 5 books of 2014

The Beauty of God: Theology and the Arts, Daniel Treier Roger Lundin, Mark Husbands, Ed. This was my top favorite book of the year! The Beauty of God is a collection of articles that discuss the interplay between theology and the … Continue reading

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Communion: a Sign of the Gift

Tonight I went to my church’s candle light service, which is a service that is very meaningful to me. It has now been close to ten years since I remember leaving a candle light service in tears because I was … Continue reading

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Divine Impassibility

Here’s my paper that I wrote for Senior Seminar. Click here to read A word about theological minutiae: It has come to my attention that my views stated in this paper boarder on Nestorianism, and I would like to clarify … Continue reading

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How Beauty Changed the Beast

One of my favorite movies of all time is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Aside from the fact that it has an incredible musical score and stunning animation, it is one of my favorite stories due to the fact that it captures … Continue reading

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